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Oct 12

Cities, public offices and schools, are recognizing the need to develop marketing campaigns to survive in a competitive marketplace. These campaigns involve social media, web solutions, print advertising, online advertising, and repurposing their printed brochures and flyers.  Essentially they run a business and need to market like a business.

Steve Cook, Mayor of the city of Hutchinson began inquiries about advertising and marketing the strong assets the city has to offer businesses. Assets such as Shovel-Ready building sites, experienced workforce, strong educational foundation, and Hutchinson’s hometown lifestyle would make Hutchinson an attractive option for new businesses.  His heartfelt question was

 “How do we let other people know about us?”

After many meetings – with the Miles Seppelt (Hutchinson EDA), Bill Corby (Chamber of Commerce), Mayor Steve Cook (City of Hutchinson), Steve Gasser (Vivid Images) and me, Ellen Dickie (Moxie Media) – we have received approval from the Hutchinson EDA board and the Hutchinson City Council to proceed with a comprehensive marketing plan to “sell” the city of Hutchinson. No, I do not mean we are selling the city to the highest bidder – we are marketing to potential new business owners, business owners looking to expand their operations whether local, regional or national as well as businesses looking to relocate.  Hutchinson has so much to offer to businesses like these and we need to get the attention of these businesses.

Developing a brand is one of the first steps to successful marketing.

Moxie Media will be taking the lead in working alongside the committee in developing a branded logo and guidelines for the brand of this campaign.  Additionally we will be developing a professional printed piece to send to interested businesses.  Vivid Images will lead the social media and website portion of the campaign.  Integrated into all aspects of the campaign will be the new logo and tagline for the campaign giving it a cohesive, unified look that is easily recognized and remembered by the target audience – businesses and the community of Hutchinson.

Progress like this is exciting!  Moxie is proud to be a part of this new chapter of success for the city of Hutchinson. Be watching for the rollout of the campaign.

Aug 04

Yesterday I attended Farm Fest in Morgan, MN.

Farm Fest

Over 35,000 potential customers walk through the gates over a 3 day period. My mission for the day was to work the booth with one of my clients, listen to the conversations, watch the reactions to their new product roll-out in order to be able to advertise their product the best way possible. Oh, and to see how they looked in their new shirts from Moxie Media. It was an exciting day watching the steady stream of customers walk up to the booth on a mission to find out as much about this product as possible and to place their orders right at the show. What was more amazing was to see their direct competitor across the road, just feet away, and the traffic was just not there. It felt like, “yeah, what we did was right” for this client – May Wes Mfg. in Hutchinson, MN.


I would like to say that it was totally because of our advertising efforts, but I cannot. But it did play a huge part in their success. This success story has taken place over a two year period and it was for a product they have had in their catalog for 25 plus years – The May Wes Stalk Stomper. Let me tell you what happen. Because this could be how we can help write your success story.

When working with the May Wes team as their advertising and marketing consultant, we have always had close communication. I feel strongly that in order to advertise the product, we need to know the product, the targeted audience, the industry climate. And that is what happened. The sales manager received a fax from one of their dealers. It was a brochure from a tire manufacturer that had the warranty information in the body copy. In summary it said that if the farmer did not have a stubble or stalk stomper mounted onto their tractor or combine, it would could invalidate their warranty. The cost of one of those tires is $2,000+. The May Wes Stalk Stomper runs $650 per row. I know this is farm talk, but if you just do the math, it is a no brainer that it is less expensive to add protect your tires from damage than to replace one. I happen to be in their office that day.

Do you know what we could do with this information?

This is what I asked her. Then proceeded to discuss a marketing blitz with her and the owner. We knew we had something big.

The first year we did a postcard mailing to 10,000 current customers, a direct mail campaign to all of the dealers with information explaining the situation, press releases to all the major farming publications and ran a series of ads in multiple publications and attended 6-7 farm shows to show case the product. As a result, the farming magazines wrote articles about the problem of stalks damaging tires, it was newsworthy. We created a buzz in the farming industry. At the end of the harvest season, we reviewed sales numbers and found that the money and time we (the client and Moxie Media as a team) invested was profitable. Sales were tripled from the previous year. So when it came time to set the budget for year too, the owner said one thing to me.

We want to do everything we did last year plus more!

Now other manufacturers have jumped into the market, and now there is competition. Knowing this, we ramped up the marketing efforts. They included everything we did last year plus adding one more show, a direct mail campaign to 50,000 combine owners in the United States and more ads. Another significant action was to make product changes to meet the wants of the target audience. They listened to what the farmer needed and wanted from their product – which we in turn used to get more press in the publications as a product update release. To date, all indications point that their sales will exceed last year’s sales.

I love it when it works, when things come together for success. There was a need in the industry, a product to fill that need at the right price and a marketing effort to to the targeted audience. These are the 4 P’s of marketing. Place. Product. Price. Promotion.

But perhaps the greatest pleasure is knowing that May Wes and Moxie Media are on the same team, share common goals with the client and understand the direction they want to go. As an advertising agency, what could be better than that.

Thank you May Wes.

Jan 24
you only have 3 seconds

The look and message of your trade show display are pivotal to attracting trade show attendees to your booth. In a crowded and competitive exhibition hall, you only have about three seconds to make an impression on people passing by your display area. Your trade show stand design and overall exhibit appeal help determine how many prospects you can draw into your display area to learn more about your product offerings. Therefore, the following tips will help ensure your trade show display and booth components support your sales needs.

Always Focus on Your Target Audience

Think like a trade show visitor and keep your target audience in mind while designing your booth and crafting its main marketing message. With just a quick glance, a show attendee should be able to ascertain what products and services you are offer — and what makes you unique from the competition.

Create Visual Appeal

Limit the colors you use in your booth design to three or less. The same goes for textures you use in your booth such as vinyl, plastic, and metal. Exhibit displays that use too many colors and textures look cluttered and thus tend to get overlooked. Use multimedia to create an engaging, interactive booth. Audio, video, and animation are highly effective at grabbing the attention of passerby.

Use Memorable Graphics and Text

Make sure the graphics you use are consistent with those in your promotional literature in order to create a memorable display. If you need to display a lot of information, consider the size of your overall exhibit space and graphics. Small displays should only focus on one strong point so as not to be overwhelming. No matter the size of your booth, too much text on your signs and displays can make your booth look cluttered and even dissuade visitors from stopping. Keep the text as concise as possible and make sure that it is visible from a distance. Text should be placed in the upper half of your trade show display so people in front of your booth don’t block it and prevent others from seeing it. To ensure that text is easy to read, avoid placing it over textured backgrounds.

More people will be attracted to your trade show booth if you implement a simple, yet powerful design, use minimal text, and select coordinated colors that complement your brand image.

Sep 13

Dan the Graphics man here. Our recent group picture was taken minus one of our staff members. With creative photography and photoshop layering effects I was able to add our missing staff member to our group photo for future use on this website and for our own personal use. I find adding and subtracting elements to be both challenging and enjoyable as 99% of the time others who look at the photos cannot tell who was added or if anything was subtracted. Another reason to love my job! What can I add or subtract for you today?

Sep 03

“Scott was relieved that Moxie Media understood what he was trying to do, pleased that Moxie Media was willing and capable of delivering a positive, viable, cost effective solution to his fatiguing problem.

He was very pleased that the design and development of the project was completed almost over night.

Scott felt that Moxie Media wanted his business, Ellen and LuAnn kept Scott’s cost request always in mind, and provided excellent and personable service”.

Ginny Newman

Aug 30

“I was in desperate need of a company to provide me with marketing tools to accommodate the growth and development of our company.  I was referred to Moxie Media by a close associate.  During our consultation, the representative listened to my marketing needs and was able to show me actual examples of products. I am impressed with their quick and accurate job performance.  I was concerned with the cost, as we have little funds for marketing, but I was pleasantly surprised as it wasn’t what I expected.  The cost for the design and products were reasonable.  Moxie Media is a must for all companies looking to promote good professional marketing tools.”

-Jodi Evenson, CEO   e2 Electrical Services Inc

Jul 23

Below  is a blog post by Paul Wilson Jr., author of the book Dream B.I.G. 

I have chosen to interject my thoughts into this post about a person who has left indelible fingerprints on my life and the rest of the moxie media staff.  Susan Sanders has been an account manager for moxie media  for the last year and a half.  She has nurtured relationships with customers and her peers and touched our lives in so many positive ways.  She and her husband Rob are following the path that has been set before them and will be moving to St. Paul. Today is her last day in the office.  She has moved accounts over to a very capable person, LuAnn Drazkowski who recently joined our staff.  I wanted to write something about her and share my thoughts with you about what she has left behind for moxie and brings forward to her new adventure.  Perhaps our paths will cross again and she will be working for moxie – in St. Paul.  So read on…..

Fingerprints are a nearly invisible impression that says, “I was here.” The person is gone (but not too far – St. Paul is only and hour away), but they have left traces of themselves behind.

Figuratively speaking, fingerprints also symbolize your legacy – evidence that represents what you did and the impact you had while you were at someplace. This could include a company – moxie media, relationship – moxie staff, church – faith lutheran, community – hutchinson, or life in general.

So Susan, where have you left your fingerprints? What evidence did you leave behind to show that you were guilty of doing something great?
LOTS, fingerprints of compassion, fun, hard work, timeliness, detail oriented, creativity, professionalism, faith, passion, family.

Can a case be built to show that her life positively impacted others? ABSOLUTELY!

As you think about her “legacy-in-process”, here are some questions to ask about the evidence of Susan’s  impact:

Will moxie media be better after Susan leaves than before she arrived?  
Yes, besides the fact that she added 30+ accounts to the moxie account list, she has become a good friend to all of us.

Will  Susan leave her current relationships better than when she arrived? 
Yes, Susan has nurtured  customers relationships by listening and interpreting their needs to the moxie staff enabling them to do their job better and help provide marketing solutions for her customers.

 How is she developing the people around her now to carry forth her vision? 
Meticulously, Susan went through every customer file and explained to LuAnn who they were as people and as customers. She showed LuAnn the jobs she had done for them in the past and what the possibilites for the future held for each one.  Then she took LuAnn to meet them in person. She wanted to make sure they were well taken care of.

Whom has she led in the past that is now leading well? 
I am positive as Susan’s successor, that LuAnn has the knowledge base about her customers to continue the excellent job Susan has done her customers.

How has she equipped the people around her for their future success? 
Susan has been able to connect with people and see their talents and direct them in ways that they can most benefit from those talents.  While doing so, she has provided moxie customers with the expertise and talent needed to accomplish their marketing goals.

What is she building that people will be benefitting from 10 or 20 years from now? 
Susan will continue to look beyond …look outside the box, and provide creative and practical ideas to use in everyday life and in her business aspirations.  It’s all about relationships.

Everyday is an opportunity to build evidence that your life matters because of your positive influence and impact.  Don’t miss your opportunity to be found guilty of doing something great in someone else’s life!  
Susan – you are guilty as charged! You have learned more and shared so much in the last year and half that we will be forever touched by your compassion for people and outstanding work ethic.  This is your next step in walking the path laid before you, and it will have many twists and turns, ups and downs, and even some nice times to just coast. I hope that moxie has left some indelible finger prints in your life that will help you navigate your path. And perhaps that path will lead back here.

Ellen Dickie, Moxie Media, Vice President

Apr 08

In celebration of 5 years in business, and the fact that Earth Day is in a couple weeks, Tidy Tightwads will be giving each of their clients a “clutter box.”  They can fill it up with items you no longer want/need and Tidy Tightwads will grab what’s in the box on the client’s regular cleaning day and donate the items to West Central Industries in for you.   Tidy Tightwads has found that most organizing clients procrastinate.  When people do finally get the job done, the items that are no longer wanted/needed tend to sit in their garages so…….”I’m all about keeping life simple and making things easy, so that’s what I’m doing for you.” Cindy Haugland.

Moxie Media helped Tidy Tightwads coordinate this effort.  We ordered the boxes and put them together, designed, printed and  put the labels on each box.  Please comment and let us know how the “de-cluttering” is going.  You can find out more about Tidy Tightwads at www.tidytightwads.com