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Oct 12

Cities, public offices and schools, are recognizing the need to develop marketing campaigns to survive in a competitive marketplace. These campaigns involve social media, web solutions, print advertising, online advertising, and repurposing their printed brochures and flyers.  Essentially they run a business and need to market like a business.

Steve Cook, Mayor of the city of Hutchinson began inquiries about advertising and marketing the strong assets the city has to offer businesses. Assets such as Shovel-Ready building sites, experienced workforce, strong educational foundation, and Hutchinson’s hometown lifestyle would make Hutchinson an attractive option for new businesses.  His heartfelt question was

 “How do we let other people know about us?”

After many meetings – with the Miles Seppelt (Hutchinson EDA), Bill Corby (Chamber of Commerce), Mayor Steve Cook (City of Hutchinson), Steve Gasser (Vivid Images) and me, Ellen Dickie (Moxie Media) – we have received approval from the Hutchinson EDA board and the Hutchinson City Council to proceed with a comprehensive marketing plan to “sell” the city of Hutchinson. No, I do not mean we are selling the city to the highest bidder – we are marketing to potential new business owners, business owners looking to expand their operations whether local, regional or national as well as businesses looking to relocate.  Hutchinson has so much to offer to businesses like these and we need to get the attention of these businesses.

Developing a brand is one of the first steps to successful marketing.

Moxie Media will be taking the lead in working alongside the committee in developing a branded logo and guidelines for the brand of this campaign.  Additionally we will be developing a professional printed piece to send to interested businesses.  Vivid Images will lead the social media and website portion of the campaign.  Integrated into all aspects of the campaign will be the new logo and tagline for the campaign giving it a cohesive, unified look that is easily recognized and remembered by the target audience – businesses and the community of Hutchinson.

Progress like this is exciting!  Moxie is proud to be a part of this new chapter of success for the city of Hutchinson. Be watching for the rollout of the campaign.

Oct 15

This summer, Moxie Media participated as a sponsor in the Hutchinson Chamber Golf Tournament event.  We were set up at the 7th hole with a Hawaiian themed display and gave away metal water bottles to each golfer. We also gave away a prize worth $500 for a free logo design and printed material.

Park Towers won our prize and were excited for the opportunity to get a logo professionally designed.  We worked with Lorri Olson and Jean Ward on their design preferences and created several logo design concepts for them to review.  Both Lorri and Jean quickly came to a consensus on what they wanted for their Park Towers logo.

Lori has begun to use their new logo on communications and advertising.Get acquainted with Park Towers new logo!

Park Towers logo and letterhead