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Apr 14

Bring It Home cmpaign

Presented by the Hutchinson Area Chamber of Commerce, CVB

Saturday May 8, 2010 ~ 9:00am – 4:00pm

McLeod County Fairgrounds, Hutchinson, MN

No Fee – Open to the public

We are busy, busy getting things ready for our part in the Bring It Home Family Fun &  Business Expo.  We have lots of fun things planned.  

Coloring Contest

Kids of all ages can participate and show their creativity with our dot-to-dot coloring contest sheet. We will be awarding  kid’s meals and game tokens for Coney Island Eatery to the top 3 winners and will be posting the entries on our facebook fan page/Moxie Media of the contestant’s artwork.  Who knows which one will be a future graphic designer.

Door Prize Drawing

Starting a new business? have a home business? or need a face lift for your existing business brand? Our Door Prize drawing will be a Design & Print package. The winner will receive a logo design, 250 – business cards and 250 of the following choices: a brochure, postcard or flyer to promote their business. Details coming soon.

Free Seminar

Integrated Marketing is our hot buzz word for businesses.   Frequently we are asked about social media marketing, direct mail marketing, ad campaigns, give aways (aka promotional items), clothing, trade show marketing and a number of other media types included in marketing – how can they all work together?  This seminar will help you connect the dots to make the perfect marketing campaign for your business.  Our seminar will be from 9:00 to 9:45, Saturday May 8th at the Bring It Home Family Fun & Business Expo.

Meet our staff

Our staff will be there to meet you and answer our most frequently asked question.

FAQ – what do you guys do? Stop by and see all the things we do. You will be amazed and will walk away saying “I didn’t know they could do that”

FAQ – are you guys local?  Absolutely. Our offices are located on the first floor of the Pride Solutions building in the Hutchinson Industrial Park -120 Eastgate Drive SE. by the Hutchinson Utilities building and Impressions printing company.

Feb 12

Rebranding Hutchinson Mall

New owners for the Hutchinson Mall prompted a rebranding of their logo, website and other marketing materials.
Working with new owners Gus Wurdel and Tom Daggett, Moxie Media was hired to update the logo and create a website to showcase the tenants of the mall. The new website brings attention to the tenants with rotating photo images of each store front. Information on the website includes featured events at the mall, mall tenant contact information. The goal was accomplished to fill the mall with tenants and bring new life to it corridors.  The holiday season gave us another opportunity to spark up the graphics for signage and Holiday Shopping Cards.

Feb 12

If you took a survey in the community, you would get lots of different answers.

Yellow  or  Gold?

What does that mean to you?  lemon yellow, squash gold, atheltic gold, gopher gold, sibley east yellow,   gustie gold, sunshine yellow.  And does it really matter?

I think you can understand the confusion.  Color is very subjective.  The conversation came to the table as we were meeting with the Hutchinson School Superintendent. I asked the question, what is the pms color for the Hutchinson Tigers?  In my efforts to do the marketing thing and make sure that anything we do for the school district was done in the “correct” school colors, I found that the Hutchinson Tigers were Black and Gold or Yellow or….any of the variations listed above.  But everyone has their own interpretation of what color gold or yellow looks like. 

My branding and marketing sense kicked in. I thought, “Every one should be using the same color, the same way.  That is a key component in promoting corporate branding and identity.  After all, the Jolly GREEN Giant is never red. The McDonald’s GOLDEN Arches are never orange.  They are always the same color.”  But ….then I got to thinking again, to me the arches look more like yellow, not golden.  Hence the problem.  

Major companies spend millions of dollars on branding.  It costs a lot.  School districts do not have lots to spend.

Here is what does matter.

They are building a community with diverse population of students united by the school they all attend.  And you know … you would never catch a Hutch Tiger wearing Mankato West Red at a game.  But you will catch them wearing every variation of gold or yellow  possible because they are proud of their school and their athletes and students.


Jan 29

If you attended the Black and White Gala for the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce you will know the answer.this is one powerful little ball

All dressed in black and white attire, the recipients, one by one, received their awards from the chamber.  As I sat there, only knowing one of the recipients, I listened to their stories. And it was very black and white to me (no shades of gray at all) that these people all had a passion for the city and people of Hutchinson.  I started to make notes of who they were and what they meant to the community and to me so I could share it with you..  I hope that this will be read over and over by our existing, potential clients and staff.  I left that night knowing the community of Hutchinson was made up of passionate people.  I felt right at home.


The following individuals that were honored at the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce Black & White Gala for their service to the Hutchinson community!

Chamber CVB Awards:

Ag Service Award: Robert Krcil

Many of our clients are in the agricultural industry.  I know they have the passion to persevere, in good times and in bad.  They persevere even when they cannot control the weather which often dictates a great harvest or a poor harvest.  They can do everything right, and one hail storm or tornado can wipe it out in seconds.  They have hope for the future and know that yes, maybe next year will be better.  Thank you Robert for supporting our farmers, who feed the nations.

Volunteer of the Year: Betsy Price

Betsy shared her passion for the arts. The arts is what gives a community a part of its culture. Her involvement with theatre and Crow River Arts as well as her work in the Clay Coyote expresses why she is an outstanding spokesperson for the arts. I have seen art in many different ways in my short time here in Hutchinson.  There is theatre , dance, arts & crafts, music, food, martial arts.    “Creativity is in the imagination of all of us.”

Outstanding Young Leader: Joe Nagel

Joe’s story resonated with me as my son is a police officer in Minneapolis.  I understand how they become a part of the community as Joe has become such an outstanding leader in this community.  His passion for people and their security is wrapped in the trust he builds with the community.  You can be proud of this young man as he serves the community of Hutchinson.

Business Person of the Year: Gus Wurdell

If we all had the energy and the passion that Gus has for business growth, we would be blown away with where our businesses could go.  The first time I met him you could feel the energy in the room. His goal was to fill the Hutchinson Mall, which in turn would increase the tax base for the community of Hutchinson, which is good for us all.  In a time when the economy seems to be coming back very slowly, the Hutchinson Mall continues to expand under the leadership of Gus Wurdell.  He is a can do guy.

Hutchinson Jaycee Awards:

Distinguished Service: Robert Rolander

I applaud the passion of FREEDOM and loyalty to this country that this man portrayed  to us.  He painted a picture of undying commitment to the United States of America and its symbol of freedom, the flag by his humbleness and words broken up by emotion.  I applaud his endeavors as he works with the youth in this community to instill those values that we may never forget the men and women who have sacrificed, even their lives, for us to live in a free country, under a democracy of the people.  I stand in ovation to him.  My dad was a  veteran, and has served his country and has been served well by its people.

Boss of the Year: Brad Lueneburg

Wow! Working and directing an entire staff of women and being nominated by them speaks volumes about this man.  Being boss doesn’t always bring notoriety and fame.  It brings hard work, long hours and a passion to succeed and help others succeed.  My personal goal is to find the natural abilities of my staff and help them to excel and grow on a personal level.  I had one person tell me that a boss cannot have friends.   Hmmm, I think that Brad has lots of friends.

Educator of the Year: Jean Schultz

Last but not least, is Jean.  If we could all have a teacher like Jean who shared her passion for children through being a teacher. When it is hard for a teacher to retire, you know that she truly loves children and finds joy in teaching them.  Could we all be so fortunate to love our professions so much that we don’t want to retire.  Do we have to retire?? Can we continue to share our knowledge and passion with others?  We can and should.  Wisdom is a precious commodity we can continue to share no matter what our profession or life calling.