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Jan 31

Corporate colors are an important part of your company brand and identity. What do your company colors say about you? Are they bright and vibrant? Subdued and soft? Sophisticated and corporate? Choose wisely as colors are trendy and do not always look the same in different media.  Specifically, there are web-safe colors that appear the same on most color monitors. There are colors that look the same on both gloss and uncoated papers.  There are colors when printed on different kinds of paper stock that look totally different.  You would not even guess they are the same ink color.  Then there is the transition of choosing a single color and printing it in 4 color process or changing it to a websafe color.  There is a tool that we use at Moxie Media that is called a PMS Color Bridge Book where it shows the  way a color looks in different media usage.  It helps us choose the right color for you to use in the various media needed to convey your message to your target market.  If you need help with this part of your image or brand identity, we would encourage you to contact us for a free consultation.  We will match up your colors to our  PMS bridge book and let you know the outcome.  Talk to you soon!

Feb 12

Together, we became a part of the Hutchinson Health Care Foundation — Community Senior Care Campaign.
The satisfaction of being a part of this campaign becomes a reality when the groundbreaking for the new Senior Care Campus takes place in April.  It will reflect the foresight of the community to do something now to ensure the future of health care in the future.  Collateral materials were created to communicate the message to the community about the needs of senior health care.  The 4 color brochure was designed to correspond with a previous brochure and a website created by another design firm. Being conscious about the branding that had already begun was important to the continuity of the project. Once the new brochure was designed and we had coordinated the all the aspects of the mailing set in place, a newspaper ad was designed to run in the papers immediately before and after the mailing.  Post-it-note pads were printed to hand with major donor packets.  We plan to attend the groundbreaking this April.

Feb 12
how do you spell build-up, buildup?

this is one powerful little ballFirst of all, we are not perfect.  Give yourself some slack.   At Moxie Media, when we finish a big project we go review the strategy, did it work? or do we make changes or come up with new ways to make the work flow even more efficient for the customer and us. We just finished a large catalog with thousands of products in it.  One initiative that came out of our discussion was that we will help the customer to create a “list” of common word usages and spellings in order to make sure everyone who proof reads is on the same page.  It seems really simple, but it can be a very good way to communicate and avoid deviation from what is the “norm” or standard for this client.  It does not mean it is the same for each client or customer either. This suggestion actually came from the customer, who used this process during a previous job experience.

Here is an example.

How do you spell build up — build-up — buildup?  All three are correct.

Needless to say – one person corrected the proof build-up, and another buildup.  So it is not consistent in the publication.  This word usage is now going on the “list” for this customer.

Here is a short list that will help you create your own list.

  1. How do you write your address?? do you abbreviate the state??  If so how?   MN — Mn — Minnesota
  2. How do you write your phone numbers?  Do you like 320-587-0587 — 320.587.0587 — 1-320-587-0587 — 587-0587
  3. Do you use a period at the end of headlines? even if they are not a complete sentence? what if they are not complete sentences?
  4. Do you have a style sheet for font usage? Do you use a certain font family? Does everyone use the font – even in their email?
  5. Is there certain industry lingo that everyone uses? ex:  predrilled or pre-drilled and undrilled or un-drilled or should it just be drilled and undrilled
  6. How do you use fractions?  1/4″  or do you convert to smaller letters – maybe they should be decimals because you are using metric measurements .75  or .756
  7. Are the colors used in the document within a certain color pallette that you use for branding?

The list could go on and on.  But I think you get the idea.  Write it down. Give it to the appropriate staff, to your designer, your proof readers, to the printer. It will take some time to get everyone on board. But in the long run it will enhance the quality of your project and how it is perceived in the future.

If you would like help with this on your next project, give us a call at Moxie Media and we can get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Jan 26

mnceme.org  &  maximizeminnesota.org

After weeks of frustration from working with a different vendor and not achieving the results they anticipated, the Minnesota Center of Engineering & Manufacturing Excellence (MNCEME) came to Moxie for help.  Moxie had been working with the Center for other marketing needs and understood the vision and mission of the Center.  It was an easy transition to take what was already created and paid for by the customer  and transform it into the two sites shown above.  The first site was for the Center itself  www.mnceme.org and the second site that followed shortly was for their regional seminars called www.maximizeminnesota.org 

The Center is a liason between educational partners and industry partners which are manufacturers in the state of Minnesota.  The board of directors consists of members and leaders from the manufacturing industry.  The Center is state funded and its led by Minnesota State University – Mankato.  

This work was completed in June of 2009.