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Jan 31

Corporate colors are an important part of your company brand and identity. What do your company colors say about you? Are they bright and vibrant? Subdued and soft? Sophisticated and corporate? Choose wisely as colors are trendy and do not always look the same in different media.  Specifically, there are web-safe colors that appear the same on most color monitors. There are colors that look the same on both gloss and uncoated papers.  There are colors when printed on different kinds of paper stock that look totally different.  You would not even guess they are the same ink color.  Then there is the transition of choosing a single color and printing it in 4 color process or changing it to a websafe color.  There is a tool that we use at Moxie Media that is called a PMS Color Bridge Book where it shows the  way a color looks in different media usage.  It helps us choose the right color for you to use in the various media needed to convey your message to your target market.  If you need help with this part of your image or brand identity, we would encourage you to contact us for a free consultation.  We will match up your colors to our  PMS bridge book and let you know the outcome.  Talk to you soon!

Feb 12

Rebranding Hutchinson Mall

New owners for the Hutchinson Mall prompted a rebranding of their logo, website and other marketing materials.
Working with new owners Gus Wurdel and Tom Daggett, Moxie Media was hired to update the logo and create a website to showcase the tenants of the mall. The new website brings attention to the tenants with rotating photo images of each store front. Information on the website includes featured events at the mall, mall tenant contact information. The goal was accomplished to fill the mall with tenants and bring new life to it corridors.  The holiday season gave us another opportunity to spark up the graphics for signage and Holiday Shopping Cards.

Jan 26

mnceme.org  &  maximizeminnesota.org

After weeks of frustration from working with a different vendor and not achieving the results they anticipated, the Minnesota Center of Engineering & Manufacturing Excellence (MNCEME) came to Moxie for help.  Moxie had been working with the Center for other marketing needs and understood the vision and mission of the Center.  It was an easy transition to take what was already created and paid for by the customer  and transform it into the two sites shown above.  The first site was for the Center itself  www.mnceme.org and the second site that followed shortly was for their regional seminars called www.maximizeminnesota.org 

The Center is a liason between educational partners and industry partners which are manufacturers in the state of Minnesota.  The board of directors consists of members and leaders from the manufacturing industry.  The Center is state funded and its led by Minnesota State University – Mankato.  

This work was completed in June of 2009.