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Mar 19

Promotional items are just one way to reach your customers.  Handing out a trinket, a pen, a mug, needs to serve a specific purpose.  How do you choose?
There are many factors in choosing but the following are some we ask as we walk our customers through the process.

What is the marketing goal you are trying to achieve when you hand out your item?
We are a new retail company in town and need to our name out.
We want to say thank you to our employees for all their hard work this year.
We want people to remember where they get their service done.

How many will you need? And when do you need it?
This is probably one of the most important questions as it will weed out alot of options. It will pay to preplan.

What is the price range you need to stay within?

Is the product available in the color scheme with in your brand.  Do the colors match or coordinate with your logo?

Will the recipient keep it visible so others can see it?  Or will they show it to others because of it’s meaning and purpose?

How do you plan to distribute the items?
Will they be mailed, personally handed out, left on a table at a meeting?

If you need some ideas, give us a call. We would be glad to walk you through the process?

Jan 22

Name Recognition, Networking, Promotion – How does the potential home buyer recognize who you are?

As a realtor, you help families and adults make one of the biggest decisions of their lives – where to live as they rent or purchase their homes. Many times clients come to you because of a referral or other type of networking.

One of the many marketing tools that Moxie Media can provide is promotional items or gifts to give to your clients when they complete the purchase process.  We want them to remember who you are and what you have done for them.  These gifts could range from an elegant set of wine glasses and decanter with your logo subtly placed on the decanter along with a welcome home message to a classy keychain with their new home keys on it.  They will always carry a reminder of who was there to help them through the process.  It could be a professional pen that they would feel like they were stealing when they accidently placed in their pocket after signing the closing papers – but you actually give it to them with a great big smile and congratulations. 


Then, when they know someone who is buying or selling a home, who do you think they will remember? YOU.


Look to Moxie Media when you need an expert marketing consultant to help you pick the appropriate advertising or promotional item to support your total marketing plan.  Call Deb Ely, our promotional product expert today . 320-587-0587