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Mar 03

this is one powerful little ball

Jan 22

I enjoy helping  small companies grow into a large successful business. I have had the pleasure of working with a company in Hutchinson, MN called May Wes Mfg.   When I first started working with Mavis and Wesley Bruns in 1989, the May Wes product line could be published in an 8 page flyer. The company has since changed ownership and relocated from Gibbon, MN to Hutchinson, MN. Their market reach is international. 

In January 2010, 20 years later, we will be publishing the new May Wes catalog which has grown to 88+ pages and few thousand part numbers.

MayWes Catalog 10

The first thing I sold them was business cards. Mavis had hers printed in purple because it was her favorite color, Wesley’s were printed in black as he was a straight forward, hardworking farmer/business man.  The idea of branding their company was simply a foreign idea.  So we started to build their brand with a logo design and choosing corporate colors. Now Moxie is their full service ad agency and is responsible for the entire marketing plan. This plan includes placing ads in national magazines like Successful Farming, design and production of tradeshow display signage, and all collateral printed material, direct mail campaigns, a full e-commerce website and even the shirts they wear to the tradeshows.

As marketing tools evolve, so does the May Wes marketing plan.  We are in the process of bringing the May Wes sales team into the world of social media marketing with blogging, e-newsletters and more.

Sometimes, I think I should have a desk in their office with my name on it. 

Do you have room for Moxie to be on your marketing team?