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Mar 19

Promotional items are just one way to reach your customers.  Handing out a trinket, a pen, a mug, needs to serve a specific purpose.  How do you choose?
There are many factors in choosing but the following are some we ask as we walk our customers through the process.

What is the marketing goal you are trying to achieve when you hand out your item?
We are a new retail company in town and need to our name out.
We want to say thank you to our employees for all their hard work this year.
We want people to remember where they get their service done.

How many will you need? And when do you need it?
This is probably one of the most important questions as it will weed out alot of options. It will pay to preplan.

What is the price range you need to stay within?

Is the product available in the color scheme with in your brand.  Do the colors match or coordinate with your logo?

Will the recipient keep it visible so others can see it?  Or will they show it to others because of it’s meaning and purpose?

How do you plan to distribute the items?
Will they be mailed, personally handed out, left on a table at a meeting?

If you need some ideas, give us a call. We would be glad to walk you through the process?

Feb 25

moxie promoshop

When looking how to spell “tchotchke” I ran across this blog post from a company in the UK that sells promotional items.  It is exactly why I was looking to how to spell  “shotzky” because I wanted to explain the different words that describe promotional items or ad specialties.  So here it is. 

The articles of merchandise which are used in marketing and communication programs are known as Promotional items. These various items are generally imprinted with a company’s name, slogan or logo. Its products are given away at conferences, trade shows, and also as a part of guerilla marketing campaigns. The Promotional items are referred by the slang terms swag from the British usage of word meaning as “stolen goods” and also as tchotchke derived from a Yiddish word which means “trinket”.Promotional items as Business gifts are used to foster customer goodwill and retention. The main objectives of companies behind using promotional items is to facilitate brand awareness, employee and public relations, new customer generations, internal incentive programs and marketing research. 


The Promotional items are same with the term Promotional products. Most of the promotional items are quite inexpensive and small in comparison to other items. But often expensive perfumes, electronic items and leather goods are used as promotional items for like celebrities at film festivals and popular award shows. Companies use to provide the celebrities with expensive gifts and in return ask the celebrities to allow a photo shoot with the gift item. Thus the gift presented to the celebrities act as Promotional gifts helping the company for promotional purposes with the brand name and product.

HOWEVER…. I sometimes take offense to promotional items being referred to as cheap plastic “stuff.”  It may be inexpensive, plastic or both, but remember if you buy it, you buy it for a reason.  Not because it is on special, or it is cool but what is it going to do to promote my company, organization, event and the message I want to deliver to the audience.   Oh, and YES…special pricing and cool can be very effective in marketing.