Integrated marketing communication is integration of all marketing tools, approaches, and resources for a company to maximize its impact on its customers and results in maximum profit at minimum cost.

Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing brings together the marketing mix that carries the message of your brand, campaign and company to its intended audience.  Finding the right mix is the key to success and gaining the competitive edge over your competition.  Moxie Media creates the fusion of great design with the media that connects you to your customer.

What will it take to reach your audience?

Is it a direct mail piece to a target audience that is supported by a print advertising campaign that connects the customer to your website that gives them the opportunity to purchase your product or services?

Do you develop a catalog for your product line? Who do you send it to?  How do I get it there?  Is it an online catalog, a printed catalog, a catalog on cd?

Are you having an event, a fund raiser? Does receiving a free t-shirt get people to register or does it add value to the event?  If I give them a token of appreciation, will it remind them of where it came from so they will remember to give to your organization again?  What is the “shelf life” of a promotional item?

How much should I spend on marketing? Should I attend a tradeshow or exhibit at a fair?

If I create a website, will anybody find it?  How do I create a blog, better yet why do I create a blog?

Moxie Media will work to you get results.

If you need pens, we can sell you pens.
But if you need an entire campaign that includes that pen, a brochure, a tradeshow display and shirts with your logo to wear to the tradeshow, that is preceeded with a print advertising campaign, we can do that too.