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Oct 12

On Your Mark, Get set, Go!

Children ages 3-9 took part in the New Ulm, Hermann the German first ever Tot Trot. Each child entering the event received a free cape to wear, designed and printed by Moxie Media. Working with our customer, we wanted to create something exciting for the kids. Since the statue of Hermann the German sported a cape, and kids love super heroes, the cape was a great solution! We created artwork to coordinate with the long sleeve t-shirts the adults received with their participation in the 5k event. You can be sure that the little Hermann the Germans will be participating again next year and sporting their capes.



Running events like these are popular and creative marketing make them fun. If you need help in promoting your event through the use of custom t-shirts, giveaways, branded for your event – Moxie Media provides the creative fusion to your marketing. Call us today at 507-933-0309.

Jun 07

Everly Hewitt – the miracle baby

This is what life is about. Helping those around us, filling their hearts with love and support. Thank you for letting Moxie be a part of this amazing community and supporting Everly and her family as our prayer is that she grows into a beautiful young woman.

Moxie designed the logo and printed the t-shirts and the travel mugs for the event.

Jun 07
the 22 immutable laws of branding

While doing research on corporate identity and branding I ran across these 22 laws of branding several times,  Each time they were mentioned with high regards and recommendations to read the book named after them.  I have chosen to list them here as they intrigued me enough to purchase the book. Perhaps after you read the list, you too will purchase the book. Please post your comments here and look forward to my book review in a couple of weeks.

by Al Reis Source
1. Expansion
The power of a brand is inversely proportional to its scope
2. Contraction
A brand becomes stronger when you narrow its focus
3. Publicity
The birth of a brand is achieved with publicity, not advertising
4. Advertising
Once born, a brand needs advertising to stay healthy
5.The Word
A brand should strive to own a word in the mind of the consumer
The crucial ingredient in the success of any brand is its claim to authenticity
7. Quality
Quality is important, but brands are not built on quality alone
8. The Category
A leading brand should promote the cateogry, not the brand
9. The Name
In the long run a brand is nothing more than a name.
10. Extensions
The easiest way to destroy a brand is to put its name on everything
11. Fellowship
In order to build the category, a brand should welcome other brands
12. The Generic
One of the fastest routes to failure is giving a brand a generic name
13. The Company
Brands are brands. Companies are companies. There is a difference
14. Subbrands
What branding builds, subbranding can destroy
15. Siblings
There is a time and a place to launch a second brand
16. Shape
A brand’s logotype should be designed to fit the eyes. Both eyes.
17. Color
A brand should use a color that is the opposite of its major competitor’s
18. Borders
There are no barriers to global branding. A brand should know no borders.
19. Consistency
A brand is not built overnight. Success is measured in decades, not years.
20. Change
Brands can be changed, but only infrequently and only very carefully
21. Mortality
No brand will live forever. Euthanasia is often the best solution
22. Singularity
The most important aspect of a brand is its single-mindedness
Oct 12

Cities, public offices and schools, are recognizing the need to develop marketing campaigns to survive in a competitive marketplace. These campaigns involve social media, web solutions, print advertising, online advertising, and repurposing their printed brochures and flyers.  Essentially they run a business and need to market like a business.

Steve Cook, Mayor of the city of Hutchinson began inquiries about advertising and marketing the strong assets the city has to offer businesses. Assets such as Shovel-Ready building sites, experienced workforce, strong educational foundation, and Hutchinson’s hometown lifestyle would make Hutchinson an attractive option for new businesses.  His heartfelt question was

 “How do we let other people know about us?”

After many meetings – with the Miles Seppelt (Hutchinson EDA), Bill Corby (Chamber of Commerce), Mayor Steve Cook (City of Hutchinson), Steve Gasser (Vivid Images) and me, Ellen Dickie (Moxie Media) – we have received approval from the Hutchinson EDA board and the Hutchinson City Council to proceed with a comprehensive marketing plan to “sell” the city of Hutchinson. No, I do not mean we are selling the city to the highest bidder – we are marketing to potential new business owners, business owners looking to expand their operations whether local, regional or national as well as businesses looking to relocate.  Hutchinson has so much to offer to businesses like these and we need to get the attention of these businesses.

Developing a brand is one of the first steps to successful marketing.

Moxie Media will be taking the lead in working alongside the committee in developing a branded logo and guidelines for the brand of this campaign.  Additionally we will be developing a professional printed piece to send to interested businesses.  Vivid Images will lead the social media and website portion of the campaign.  Integrated into all aspects of the campaign will be the new logo and tagline for the campaign giving it a cohesive, unified look that is easily recognized and remembered by the target audience – businesses and the community of Hutchinson.

Progress like this is exciting!  Moxie is proud to be a part of this new chapter of success for the city of Hutchinson. Be watching for the rollout of the campaign.

Oct 11

Jan Johnson and her 3 sisters just completed their annual road trip wearing custom designed T-shirts that drew a lot of attention.  She came to us months ago with her ideas of what she was looking for.  Our designer took her ideas and created the graphical image she was after.  Within that image was a symbol for each of the 4 sister’s character.  Integrated into the design is an eagle that represented their mother. We had fun working with Jan on this project and are tickled to hear about the responses.

Sissie Dags Ride

Sissie Dags Ride; Trish, Jan, Jo, Lynne

“Thanks again for these wonderful T-shirts.  It made our vacation even more special and it reinforced (as verbalized by many complete strangers) how fortunate we are to be sisters and best of friends. Our 4 brothers were jealous and want T-shirts!”
Jan Johnson

Sissie Dags Ride

Sisters; Trish, Jan, Jo and Lynne displaying the back-side to their 2012 custom road trip T-shirts

Aug 04

Yesterday I attended Farm Fest in Morgan, MN.

Farm Fest

Over 35,000 potential customers walk through the gates over a 3 day period. My mission for the day was to work the booth with one of my clients, listen to the conversations, watch the reactions to their new product roll-out in order to be able to advertise their product the best way possible. Oh, and to see how they looked in their new shirts from Moxie Media. It was an exciting day watching the steady stream of customers walk up to the booth on a mission to find out as much about this product as possible and to place their orders right at the show. What was more amazing was to see their direct competitor across the road, just feet away, and the traffic was just not there. It felt like, “yeah, what we did was right” for this client – May Wes Mfg. in Hutchinson, MN.

I would like to say that it was totally because of our advertising efforts, but I cannot. But it did play a huge part in their success. This success story has taken place over a two year period and it was for a product they have had in their catalog for 25 plus years – The May Wes Stalk Stomper. Let me tell you what happen. Because this could be how we can help write your success story.

When working with the May Wes team as their advertising and marketing consultant, we have always had close communication. I feel strongly that in order to advertise the product, we need to know the product, the targeted audience, the industry climate. And that is what happened. The sales manager received a fax from one of their dealers. It was a brochure from a tire manufacturer that had the warranty information in the body copy. In summary it said that if the farmer did not have a stubble or stalk stomper mounted onto their tractor or combine, it would could invalidate their warranty. The cost of one of those tires is $2,000+. The May Wes Stalk Stomper runs $650 per row. I know this is farm talk, but if you just do the math, it is a no brainer that it is less expensive to add protect your tires from damage than to replace one. I happen to be in their office that day.

Do you know what we could do with this information?

This is what I asked her. Then proceeded to discuss a marketing blitz with her and the owner. We knew we had something big.

The first year we did a postcard mailing to 10,000 current customers, a direct mail campaign to all of the dealers with information explaining the situation, press releases to all the major farming publications and ran a series of ads in multiple publications and attended 6-7 farm shows to show case the product. As a result, the farming magazines wrote articles about the problem of stalks damaging tires, it was newsworthy. We created a buzz in the farming industry. At the end of the harvest season, we reviewed sales numbers and found that the money and time we (the client and Moxie Media as a team) invested was profitable. Sales were tripled from the previous year. So when it came time to set the budget for year too, the owner said one thing to me.

We want to do everything we did last year plus more!

Now other manufacturers have jumped into the market, and now there is competition. Knowing this, we ramped up the marketing efforts. They included everything we did last year plus adding one more show, a direct mail campaign to 50,000 combine owners in the United States and more ads. Another significant action was to make product changes to meet the wants of the target audience. They listened to what the farmer needed and wanted from their product – which we in turn used to get more press in the publications as a product update release. To date, all indications point that their sales will exceed last year’s sales.

I love it when it works, when things come together for success. There was a need in the industry, a product to fill that need at the right price and a marketing effort to to the targeted audience. These are the 4 P’s of marketing. Place. Product. Price. Promotion.

But perhaps the greatest pleasure is knowing that May Wes and Moxie Media are on the same team, share common goals with the client and understand the direction they want to go. As an advertising agency, what could be better than that.

Thank you May Wes.

Jun 29

Every once in a while you encounter a truly remarkable experience that is rare, unforgettable and humbling.  I had one today when I received a package in the mail from a women whom I briefly met at a trade show in Bismarck, ND last April.  Her name is Theresa and she is involved with the North Dakota chapter of the Pink Heals Tour.  She shared with me what the Pink Heals Tour was about and we exchanged conversation of our loved ones who fought cancer.  The Pink Heals Tour slogan is “Driving for cancer. Driving for awareness. Driving across America”.  Image seeing a bright pink fire truck that promotes cancer research and carries with them a legacy of personal stories nationwide.  I’m in awe with their dedication, commitment and influence this group of people have made.

Thank you Theresa for sharing this story with me and the surprise package of your North Dakota Pink Heals Tour shirts and items.  We will wear them proudly and spread the word!

May 31

It never ceases to amaze me when I hear the stories behind the t-shirts that we print.  Last night on Kare11 TV and posted on I saw one of the t-shirts we printed at Moxie Media.  It was a t-shirt done to raise funds for Jack Zimmerman and his family. Jack was injured, serving in Afghanistan, when he stepped on an improvised explosive device, otherwise known as IED.  I even had to look up and read what IED stood for, even though I knew what it could and did do to Jack.  He lost both his legs and severely damaged both his arms. Jack’s cousin Daniel came to me knowing we printed t-shirts and wanted to know how much they cost and how soon he could get them. My first thoughts were, YES, we will help. He was one of our own. Living in the town of Cleveland, that is what you do. I saw it first hand when my youngest daughter Anna was diagnosed with Chronic Myleogenous Leukemia at the age of 12.  The support of the community financially, emotionally and spiritually kept us believing that she could beat cancer.  And with the same spirit, we are supporting Jack.  Moxie Media set up a website that people could order t-shirts, can coolers, buttons, window clings, all in support  of Jack Zimmerman.  Orders have come in from all over the United States. Today, Daniel has banked almost $5,000 of profit with his sales of t-shirts and promo items.  Moxie played a small part in a very BIG thing. I knew that when I watched and listened to the Land of 10,000 stories last night on Kare 11 News. If you missed it, don’t worry, you can catch it here – Land of 10,000 Stories – Jack Zimmerman

If you want to purchase a t-shirt, can cooler, window cling, or button follow this link

Be a small part of a BIG THING!

Apr 21

Winners of the Moxie Media coloring contest are listed below. We will be in contact with everyone shortly to claim your prizes. Thanks to everyone for coming out and enjoying the day with us!

1st place in the 0~4 Age Group is Victoria Haefner
2nd place in the 0~4 Age Group is Avery Schiller

1st place in the 5~8 Age Group is Alyssa Johnson
2nd place in the 5~8 Age Group is Cheyenne Fahey

1st place in the 9~12 Age Group is Mara Peterson
2nd place in the 9~12 Age Group is Alexis Keskey

Apr 18

As Principal of Our Savior’s Lutheran School, I was interested in finding someone to tell our story – the story of our 50 years of providing quality Christian education in the Hutchinson, MN community.  The OSL School Board approved contracting with Moxie Media, a company with which OSL had previously done business.

Although I was familiar with and felt comfortable with Moxie Media’s personnel, I was sold on them working on this project after my initial meeting with LuAnn Drazkowski, project manager.  LuAnn’s attention to detail and her take charge manner were exactly what OSL and I needed.  Her organizational skills and her drive to complete the project on schedule were more than I expected.  The communication through e-mails and phone calls was exceptional.  The entire project proceeded like clockwork, even finishing ahead of schedule.  LuAnn was “in charge” the entire way, always pleasant, always communicating, always making sure we were pleased with the work being done and asking for our suggestions.  Thanks Moxie Media, and especially LuAnn, for helping us tell our story.


Lee Huebner, Principal

Our Savior’s Lutheran School

Hutchinson, MN