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we call it…integrated marketing

Integrated marketing brings together the marketing mix that carries the message of your brand, campaign and company to its intended audience. Finding the right mix is the key to success and gaining the competitive edge over your competition. Moxie Media creates the fusion of great design with the media that connects you to your customer. Moxie Media will work to get you results.

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Team Everly benefit a great success

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Everly Hewitt – the miracle baby This is what life is about. Helping those around us, filling their hearts with love and support. Thank you for letting Moxie be a part of this amazing community and supporting Everly and her family as our prayer is that she grows into a beautiful young woman. Moxie designed […]


the 22 immutable laws of branding

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While doing research on corporate identity and branding I ran across these 22 laws of branding several times,  Each time they were mentioned with high regards and recommendations to read the book named after them.  I have chosen to list them here as they intrigued me enough to purchase the book. Perhaps after you read […]


how do we “sell” the city of hutchinson?

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Cities, public offices and schools, are recognizing the need to develop marketing campaigns to survive in a competitive marketplace. These campaigns involve social media, web solutions, print advertising, online advertising, and repurposing their printed brochures and flyers.  Essentially they run a business and need to market like a business. Steve Cook, Mayor of the city […]